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What is mining (hand history) in poker?


Online poker in modern life each year becomes more and more popular. In some poker rooms such as PokerStars, 888, iPoker, WinningPoker it is possible to find up to 200 thousand people playing simultaneously from different countries. These numbers are growing constantly, new players appear, for some people poker is an entertainment, but for others poker has become a constant daily work. Good players try to use every opportunity permitting to be ahead of all the rest. We’ll tell about one of such opportunities in this article.


Mining – in translation from English – means «extraction» or «gathering». In online poker it is a collection of handhistories played by other players. Then these hands are imported into the programs for collecting and displaying statistics, such as PokerTracker or Holdem Manager. Now the player sitting down at the table can see statistics of other players, based not only on his hands, but also on the basis of such handhistories in which he did not participate.

What benefits can give using of mining on pokerstars?

Probably the most principal criterion of winning in poker is information. One possessing information will win, otherwise he will remain the loser forever. Statistics on opponents in a real time became the main source of information at low and medium rates. On basis of VPIP, PFR, 3BET parameters and etc. it is possible to understand nearly to what type of players belongs your contender, his hits style, inclinations, perhaps if you see him at the table for the first time. In a boundary situation when it is necessary to make a decision quickly and accurately the statistics will become an indispensable assistant. It turns out that the more statistics you have the more exact decision you will be able to make, and therefore the greater will be your Win-rate.

Let’s count, how many hand histories pokerstars it is possible to get per day playing singly, and how many handhistories per day you can get after buying mining. A regular pokerstars player 6max NL100 PokerStars plays from 1000 to 4000 hands per day. Having ordered a monthly subscription for mining, the player receives 200-300 thousand handhistories every day. In the result it is turned out that statistics based on mining gives much more exact information. On the other hand, there are breaks in the game, or a player moves up to a new limit, in that case there are no own hands at all. You can compensate it by ordering a bulk-purchase of handhistory for the previous days.

Let’s summarize the benefits of using poker mining and hand history:

  1. There is no more need to sit at the table for half an hour and at the result to find oneself among the regulars and go away. Having played only one hand at the table, you should see the whole statistics on each opponent.
  2. Out off the playing time you can learn opponents and adjust the tactics of play particularly against them.
  3. In a boundary situation you know what to do.
  4. You feel yourself comfortable moving up to a new limit.