Bulk-purchase of handhistories in poker. Description. Assistance in ordering.


In a previous article we told about mining in poker and it’s advantages during the game. Briefly we mentioned also two main options of handhistories ordering: a monthly subscription and a bulk-purchase. In this article we’ll describe the second option of order – a bulk-purchase, and also describe in detail the procedure for ordering on our site.


A bulk- purchase in poker is called the purchase of a certain number of handhistories for the previous days. Usually it is briefly called a package. The greater number you will indicate, respectively, the more days you will cover. It is possible to know the approximate number of days by dividing the total number of hands in a package by the average number of hands of given limit per day. As far as a limit grows the number of hands per day significantly decreases. At the low limits, for example, at NL25-NL50 limit, having ordered 500 thousand hands, you can cover 2-3 days, while at NL1000 limit it will be already a week. Price on handhistories at the high limits is respectively higher.

In what cases it is better to choose a bulk-purchase?

Suppose you’ve been playing at one limit for a long time, using monthly subscription for mining. Of course there is no sense to make bulk-purchase. And what if you moved up to a new limit or changed a room? That is here a bulk-purchase will be an excellent choice. Imagine you are playing the first hand at a new table, but already you see some thousand hands per each player. It is possible to estimate at once a quality of the table, leave it, if only the regulars are at this table, or to remain in position of fish. There is no more need to spend time and money on rake, sitting at the table and waiting for accumulation of at least the minimum statistics.

If you still do not know what room to choose, you can take some packages from different networks to analyze the number and level of players in the program of statistics tracking (Holdem Manager, PokerTracker).

Instruction on ordering a bulk-purchase on our website:

It is very easy to buy a package of hands from us, you need just to do four simple steps.

  1. Go to the page of bulk-purchase: http://hhmailer.com/en/services/bulk
  2. At first select the necessary network.
  3. Select type of game, necessary buy-ins and type of tables.
  4. Further the distribution of selected hands per days will be displayed automatically on the chart. Putting the pointer to a column, you will see the exact number of hands for a particular date. (On a figure - 173, 720 for 16.12.2011)
  5. The number of hands is regulated by means of slider.

  6. The last stage is payment.
  7. On the page of payment indicate the payment system and put email, on which we’ll send handhistories.

That’s all. A package will come within 10-15 minutes.

Order a bulk purchase right now.

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