Monthly subscription for mining. Description. Assistance in ordering.


In a previous article we told about mining in poker and its advantages during the game. Briefly we mentioned also two main options of handhistories ordering: a monthly subscription and a bulk-purchase. In this article we’ll describe the first option of order – a monthly subscription.


Having subscribed for a monthly posting of any limits, every day you will get all handhistories from these limits for the previous day within a month. Let’s assume that on 15.11.2011 you have subscribed for mining NL25 PokerStars. This means, that on 16.11.2011 you will get the first handhistories from NL25 for the 15th, further on 17.11.2011 for 16.11.2011, and it will continue until 15.12.2011.

What factors should be considered?

The first factor is the handhistories number per day that you will receive. The number of hands is directly depends on the coverage value of the supplier’s required limit. Check up carefully how may hands per day you will get and compare with competitors. Usually this information is displayed on the statistics page or ask about it directly.

The second not less significant factor is the date of posting beginning. Let’s suppose that on 18.11.2011 you ordered a monthly subscription, having indicated the date of beginning on 13.11.2011, you will immediately gat hands from 13th to 18th, the subscription will be valid until 13.12.2011. Why is it necessary to order a subscription with earlier date? Imagine that you have been playing at your limit for a certain period of time, you are already familiar with regulars, took notes and collected some statistical data about opponents. In this case it is possible to determine the date of subscription beginning as a present day and thus to extend maximum the term at which a posting will come. Let’s imagine another situation – you changed a limit or came into a new room. It turns out, that you have no any data aboutу opponents and at the first days without accumulated statistics it will not be comfortable to play. Having ordered a statistics with earlier date, you will at once get hands for the previous days, therefore, when you sit down at the table, you should already have information. It’s up to you to decide what date of posting beginning to determine, we recommend for 5-8 days prior the ordering.

It is necessary to consider the price depending on the proposed coverage. Let’s take as an example the real data on NL10 PokerStars: on one site you can be offered 40.000 hands per day at 15$, on another 500.000 daily for the same price. Agree, on a first glance the price is the same, but if you consider the coverage difference, the second option becomes more perspective. It is also necessary to take into account availability of different discounts (for example, the simultaneous ordering of several limits).

Instruction on ordering a monthly subscription on our site:

It is easy to buy a subscription from us.

  1. Go to the page of monthly-purchase:
  2. At first select the necessary network.
  3. Select type of game, necessary buy-ins, type of tables and terms of subscription. Draw attention that the more a subscription term, the cheaper is price per each month.
  4. Further the distribution of selected hands per days will be displayed automatically on the chart. Putting the pointer to a column, you will see the exact number of hands for a particular date.
  5. The last stage is payment. On the page of payment indicate the payment system and put email, on which we’ll send handhistories.

That’s all. A subscription is switched on automatically. In case if you subscribed with an earlier date, hands for the previous day will come within 10-15 minutes.

Order monthly subscription right now.