Frequently asked questions:

How many handhistories per day I will get at monthly subscription ?

This figure depends on the limit selected by you (No Limit, Fixed Limit, Pot Limit Omaha) and the type of tables (6max, 10max, HU). For example, at monthly subscription NL50 6max you will get 450K+ handhistories every day. The exact number of hands is displayed on the chart at the time of ordering.

How I will get handhistories ?

Hands are packed in zip archives. Links to archives come to your mail. Additionally the number of handhistories for each limit is indicated in the letter. Monthly subscriptions can be downloaded by our auto-downloading software also. If you using software, email mode can be disabled automatically.

I have not received my order, what to do?

First, make sure that the subscription period started and has not yet ended. If you used our software, then sending the email is automatically disabled for your account. Just do not forget to check the "SPAM" folder. We remind you that the delivery time is 24 hours, depending on the load of our systems and other factors. If you believe that the order will not be sent for some other reason, please contact support.

At what time ?

Subscriptions for the last twenty-four hours are usually delivered on a daily basis, between 21:00 and 4:00 (GMT). Packages as well as subscriptions purchased retroactively are usually delivered within 30 minutes period after the payment; but there could be exceptions (e.g. during rush hour). All orders are processed within 24 hours max. Please do not contact customer support service with such questions as "when" and "nothing has arrived yet". Our system will process your order, as soon as it becomes possible.

How long the download links live ?

Links are availabe to download for 30 days. Already downloaded links are available for 15 days.

What payment systems do you accept ?

We accept Webmoney / Bitcoin / Litecoin / Dash

How does the support service works ?

The support team usually responds to requests within 48 hours on weekdays (Monday to Friday). Please plan your questions in advance.

Do you have Pot Limit Omaha ?

Yes, we provide handhistories from all types of Omaha tables./p>

Do you have Bet365 Premium tables in iPoker handhistories ?

Yes, but their constant availability we can't guarantee.

Do you have SNG MTT tournaments ?

Yes, we provide mining from NL Hold'em type of SNG and MTT tournaments tables for PokerStars, iPoker, Pacific (888), PartyPoker, OnGame

What limits do you have and what types of tables do you cover?

We provide handhistories in the following networks:

PS: NL2+, FL10+, PL25+, PLO10+, NLO8_25+, FLO8_10+, PLO8_10+. SNG / MTT from 3$.

WinningPoker: from NL2 and above + Pot Limit Omaha.

Pacific 888: SNG, MTT.

iPoker / Party: SNG and MTT.

Ongame: NL4/FL10 and above + Pot Limit Omaha. SNG / MTT tournaments.

MicroGaming: NL2 and above + Pot Limit Omaha.

Winamax.FR: NL2 and above + Pot Limit Omaha.

Do you have a mining Spin&Go (PokerStars, PokerStars.FR, PokerStars.ES, PokerStars.IT) ?

No. Currently not planned.

Do you have a mining Speed ​​Poker (iPoker) ?

No. Currently not planned.

Do you have a mining Zoom Poker (PokerStars, PokerStars.FR, PokerStars.ES, PokerStars.IT) ?

No. Currently not possible.

Do you have a mining Rush Poker (Full Tilt Poker) ?

No. Currently not possible.

Do you have a mining FastForward (PartyPoker) ?

No. Currently not planned.

Do you have a mining Snap Poker (Pacific 888) ?

No. Currently not possible.